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📣Our member company IPC Tehnopolis has opened a new call for young entrepreneurs as part of the Regional RISE project (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs).

The RISE program in the Western Balkans region aims to empower young people aged 16 to 35 through mentoring, thematic meetings, training, regional exchanges, collaboration, and material support for the best ideas to bring about positive social change in their communities.

The program is synchronized and implemented by 6 local incubators in the region, with IPC Tehnopolis responsible for national-level implementation. More information about the open call and further activities within the program is available on their

➡️Applications for the RISE adventure are open from September 1st and will continue until October 7th, 2023 (until 12 PM). Applications can be submitted

The most promising ideas will be supported with €3,000.00 for the development of social businesses.

To promote the program itself and strengthen the capacities of young teams to participate in this call, IPC Tehnopolis is organizing 2 Design Thinking workshops (September 19, 2023, in Nikšić, and September 26, 2023, in Podgorica).

These workshops will help young people harness their creative potentials, approach solving a social problem that interests them innovatively, and efficiently generate solutions that align with market needs. The workshops will be held in person but will also be available through a hybrid format (ZOOM) for participants living outside the workshop locations. Young individuals interested in participating in the workshops can apply

👉Additionally, all interested individuals can obtain more information about the program itself, its concept, benefits, and more during the INFO DAY, which will be held through a live event on our Instagram profile on September 18 (Monday) starting at 6 PM, via IPC Tehnopolis’ social media channels or directly via email at mailto:[email protected].