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⚡️FrontSpot Balkans Community Lean Coffee

📆23rd of August 11:00 AM Online

👤Nikola Milanovic – Senior Software Engineer

Title: React Server Components – Is it React or PHP?

In this session, Nikola, will dive into the fascinating topic of React Server Components. The discussion will revolve around the question of whether React Server Components blur the lines between React and PHP. Nikola will explore the architecture, benefits, and potential use cases of React Server Components, shedding light on how they differ from traditional React components and their potential similarities with PHP in terms of server-side rendering. Join us for an insightful conversation about this emerging technology and its impact on web development.

A participatory and interactive format where everyone can ask questions, share insights, and discuss various aspects of React Server Components.

FrontSpot Balkans Community Lean Coffee

Lean Coffee: React Server Components – Is it React or PHP?. “August 23, 2023” | Community platform | Register for the event and learn more on the main communities platform.